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‘When presented with the OH-SHIT scenario, there will be no time to pause.

You will inevitably revert to your lowest level of training.

Your response must be programmed into your mind, muscle, and reaction. 

You must consistently train in varied settings and scenarios.

You must constantly push your limits and step out of your comfort zone. 

This is why training with Blue Patriot Defense is vital to your Firearms Success.’

- Branden Turley

Hey, I'm Branden.

Hey, I'm Branden.

Phoenix Police Sergeant and active 18-year veteran of the Phoenix Police Department. For the last 18 years, I have held an Expert Shooter Badge and, more recently, the newly appointed title of Distinguished Expert Marksman. I also own and operate Blue Patriot Defense Firearms Training Company.


I am a Phoenix Police Firearms Instructor and an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor. Even with over 20 years of shooting experience, I still understand the simple fundamentals needed to build a complete foundation in order to remain proficient at shooting.


During my time with the Phoenix Police Department, I have served in the Patrol and Field Training Divisions. Temporary assignments include specialty details such as Firearms Training Detail, Street Crimes, Gang Unit, Family Investigations, Neighborhood Enforcement Teams, the Transit and Airport Bureaus, and Community Action Squad.






I am what you call a ‘shooting doctor.’ My specialty is diagnosing the shooter. Whether you are a beginner who has never touched a gun, or an advanced shooter searching for a refinement of your skill, I have the experience to assess your ability and help develop a training plan individualized to you.


I believe proficiency builds precision. Like many skills, shooting will quickly diminish if you do not take the time to build upon what you already know. And for that reason, I am constantly trying to refine my skill set and improve with every trigger press. I want to instill that same mindset in YOU!


My training is designed to push your limits and ability in order to take you out of your comfort zone. Only then can we truly develop your skill set as a shooter. At Blue Patriot Defense, we use practical applications designed for real-life circumstances. When confronted with the ‘OH SH*T scenario’, such as a life or death encounter, you WILL revert to your lowest level of training!


Take your training to the next level and LIVE LIFE BEHIND THE LINE!

⁃ Branden Turley, Owner/Operator

From beginners to developing competitors, we develop safe, ethical, responsible shooters

Blue Patriot Defense provides an invaluable service training hundreds of responsible gun owners annually

Build Confidence

Develop the necessary skills to handle your firearm and ALWAYS be safe!

Establish Proficiency

Sharpen your ability as an effective shooter utilizing proven shooting methods.

Train Effectively

Push your limits and refine your skills to train at maximum efficiency EVERY TIME!

Manage Risk

Establish a new level of training so you never have to second guess your ability.

Now it's your turn to join the firing line!

If you’re prepared to bear some arms, blue patriot defense will provide you with all the support and training you need.

Join The 2A Movement Today. Lets Shoot!

Join The 2A Movement Today. Lets Shoot!
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